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Title: Deposition of chitosan layers on NiTi shape memory alloy
Authors: Kowalski, Piotr
Łosiewicz, Bożena
Goryczka, Tomasz
Keywords: Chitosan; NiTi; Shape memory; Surface modification
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2015, iss. 1, s. 171-176
Abstract: The NiTi shape memory alloys have been known from their application in medicine for implants as well as parts of medical devices. However, nickel belongs to the family of elements, which are toxic. Apart from the fact that nickel ions are bonded with titanium into intermetallic phase, their presence may cause allergy. In order to protect human body against release of nickel ions a surface of NiTi alloy can be modified with use of titanium nitrides, oxides or diamond-like layers. On the one hand the layers can play protective role but on the other hand they may influence shape memory behavior. Too stiff or too brittle layer can lead to limiting or completely blocking of the shape recovery. It was the reason to find more elastic covers for NiTi surface protection. This feature is characteristic for polymers, especially, biocompatible ones, which originate in nature. In the reported paper, the chitosan was applied as a deposited layer on surface of the NiTi shape memory alloy. Due to the fact that nature of shape memory effect is sensitive to thermo and/or mechanical treatments, the chitosan layer was deposited with use of electrophoresis carried out at room temperature. Various deposition parameters were checked and optimized. In result of that thin chitosan layer (0.45μm) was received on the NiTi alloy surface. The obtained layers were characterized by means of chemical and phase composition, as well as surface quality. It was found that smooth, elastic surface without cracks and/or inclusions can be produced applying 10V and relatively short deposition time - 30 seconds.
DOI: 10.1515/amm-2015-0027
ISSN: 1733-3490
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