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Title: Na ziemskich i niebieskich szlakach : studia o poezji Franciszka Zabłockiego i Franciszka Dionizego Kniaźnina
Authors: Mazurkowa, Bożena
Keywords: Franciszek Dionizy Kniaźnin; Franciszek Zabłocki
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book consists of 5 studies devoted to early poetry by Franciszek Zabłocki and poems by Franciszek Dionizy Kniaźnin created at the beginning of his literary path and later on. The subsequent parts outline a multi-dimensional parallel between both of them, taking into consideration biographic conditions of their relationship, common experiences and literary environment, social circle in which the began their career, as well as similarities and differences between their working solutions reflected in the usage of selected literary motives. The analytical part of the book was preceded by a long introduction outlining the relations between the two poets, their life situation, beginnings of activity in the capital, as well as connections with Adam Naruszewicz and cooperation with “Zabawy Przyjemne i Pożyteczne”. The first chapter discusses a poetical documentation of a very strong (especially in the early years) friendship between Kniaźnin and Zabłocki, and coworkers of duke Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski. The analysis of poems makes their acquaintance, experiences of their private life, the literary workshop and the attempts to a poetical and financial independence closer. Considerations on dedication by Zabłocki, made in the subsequent study, cover a detailed analysis of his early poems addressed to Andrzej Młodziejowski, Czartoryski dukes and Kniaźnin. They reveal the poetics of ascriptions reflected in the poems, appelative and laudative forms typical of these works, as well as show the process of a gradual departure and independence from the patron, and transmission to the circle of the capital theatre and closeness to the king. The third part of the book is related to the nameday poems, known in French as “bouquets” in the second half of the 18th century. The starting point for the analysis of occasional poems by Zabłocki and Kniaźnin is a characteristic of tendencies present in the process of shaping this type of poems written by, among others, Adam Naruszewicz, Franciszek Karpiński, and Józef Epifani Minasowicz, all being recognized poets at that time. Considerations aim at capturing the principles of composing these poems, and ways of using motives characteristic of them. The fourth chapter concentrates on diversified and metaphorical perspectives of the oneiric subject-matter in poems by Kniaźnin. Dream is being observed as a co-creating element, and, frequently, as organizing poetical images created especially in his early works, mainly in Erotyki. The poems under investigation involve elements from the oneiric sphere performing the function of the motive, revealing mainly the author’s linguistic skills and creativity, as well as the fragments treating about the compositional shape of works, in the form of narration consisting in a description of a dreamed story. The heavenly trails present in the title are connected with the motives elaborated on in the fifth chapter, a comparative study devoted to the images of heaven, moon, stars, sun and other phenomena and astral objects included in the early poetry by Zabłocki as well as the earlier and further one by Kniaźnin. What is being considered concentrates on the poetical concretization of the heavenly trail in the poems by both of them, on the artistic shape and functions of the references to this sphere, as well as on the characteristic features (similarities and differences) of the literary workshop of the poets-friends, visible in the way of using concrete astral phenomena. The ending, summarizing the whole book, collects particular motives of the previously built Zabłocki — Kniaźnin parallel. The attention is also paid to late literary works of the former poet. The postulates presented here concern mainly the edition of the poetical output of both authors.
ISBN: 9788322617861
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