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Title: Język uwikłany w ponowoczesność
Authors: Łuc, Izabela
Bortliczek, Małgorzata
Keywords: język polski; język i kultura; perswazja; manipulacja; reklama
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book Language entangled in postmodernity was based on the analysis and interpretation of multi-symbolic advertisement messages concerning various spheres of human activity (among other things culinary activity, a widely-understood commercial and consumerist activity, aesthetic activity concentrated on the improvement of an image of a postmodern human being, as well as embellishment and improvement of the closest environment). The book Language entangled in postmodernity concentrated on the analysis of linguistic phenomena reflecting postmodernity created in multi-thematic, multi-stylistic and multi-genre advertisements. Multi-symbolic advertisement messages (stylized culture texts) underwent the analysis and cultural interpretation. A linguistic-cultural analysis of advertisements allows for drawing a conclusion that postmodernity was overtaken by commerce and consumerism consisting in (de)tabooisation and depreciation of values entangled in cultural, marketing, iconic and stylistic dependences. A multidimensional analysis of the advertisement texts under investigation allowed for noticing many mechanisms typical of a postmodern advertisement used in order to highlight various qualities and attributes of products and services offered to customers. The subject-matter dealt with by the authors of the book can inspire studies on the relationships between language and culture and language of values.
ISBN: 9788322620298
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