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Title: Metaphors of femininity
Authors: Bogdanowska-Jakubowska, Ewa
Keywords: język angielski nauczanie; język angielski studia; literatura angielska studia i nauczanie
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: D. Gabryś-Barker, J. Mydla (red.), "English studies at the University of Silesia: forty years on". (S. 49-58). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: My choice of the article for this volume can be explained by the fact that the paper constitutes a combination of my main research interests, the cognitive approach to metaphors, the impact of culture and social change on the way we perceive the world and the language we use, and my fascination with my native tongue. In every culture there exists a certain gender order which specifies the patterns of power relations connected to particular types of masculinity and femininity (Connell, 1987; Giddens, 2006). Over the time the existing types of masculinity and femininity turn into cultural stereotypes. Their stereotypical nature is confirmed by the language we use. Some stereotypes are translated into metaphors, which are realized in language as metaphorical expressions. The main assumption of the paper involves the one‑way dependency: GENDER ORDER → GENDER STEREOTYPES → GENDER METAPHORS In other words, the language reflects the gender order specific for a particular culture. The aim of the paper is to analyse the metaphors related to the types of femininity specific for Polish culture. Polish culture can be characterized as the culture in transition, which has been undergoing significant transformations since 1989 (cf. Lubecka, 2000). These transformations are visible also in social life and social relations. Certain changes can be noticed in gender order and the types of femininity. The main research questions are the following: Are the above‑mentioned changes reflected in the Polish language? And if so, how do they affect the “metaphors we live by”? The study is to be of interdisciplinary character. It is to merge sociology with linguistics. Thus, three theoretical frameworks are going to be employed, Robert W. Connell’s theory of gender, the linguistic approach to stereotype and Lakoff and Johnson’s cognitive theory of metaphor.
ISBN: 9788322621745
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