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Title: "Nasz Kochanowski" : studia z recepcji poety w wieku XVII
Authors: Barłowska, Maria
Keywords: Jan Kochanowski; literatura polska 17 wieku
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The book is a collection of works devoted to reading references to works by Jan Kochanowski in texts mostly unknown and taken from manuscripts. The first part, covering three studies, presents the monuments of the oratory prose. Glosa do recepcji prozy Jana Kochanowskiego [A gloss on the reception of Jan Kochanowski’s prose] shows traces of the functioning of the oldest noble funeral speech known today in the oratory tradition, namely Przy pogrzebie rzecz [A Funeral Speech] by Kochanowski. Next chapters are the analysis of references to poet’s works in speeches by two famous orators: Andrzej Moskorzowski (Aryan activist from the first half of the 17th century) and Krzysztof Grzymułtowski (a politician from the second half of the 17th century) largely maintained until recently. In the second part, the subject of interest is poetical texts. These are neither imitations of Kochanowski nor works devoted to him. References to the poet appear there as a reference point, whether it be panegyric works („Fragment z listu do Jego Mości Pana Dominika Kazanowskiego, co go Kochanowska urodziła, o Kochanowskich” [“An excerpt from the letter to Sir Dominik Kazanowski, Gentleman, who was brought forth by Kochanowska, on the Kochanowski”]), or critical („O mądry Kochanowskiego Duchu” [“O Wise Spirit of Kochanowski”]) from an anonymous cycle criticising Jan Marcinowicz and Wojciech Surowski Somnium poeticum, being criticism of Andrzej Loeaechius hidden in an acrostic poem). Rhymed details, immersed in an element of a current life, though, anonymous in majority, were written by the authors of minorum gentium and co‑create a broad perspective of the Polish poetry of the first decades of the 17th century. The book closes with a rhetorical reading of several poems‑catalogues, constantly proving the presence of Jan Kochanowski in the Polish literary tradition.
ISBN: 9788322622803
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