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Title: Moment osobisty : Stempowski, Czapski, Miłosz
Authors: Sieroń, Dorota
Keywords: Józef Czapski; Czesław Miłosz; Jerzy Stempowski; pisarze polscy postawy
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The publication is a continuation of the humanistic studies on the environment of people co-creating Literary Institute in Maisons-Laffitte. Dorota Sieroń-Galusek examines what traces of formation experiences mentioned in the title of the work left in letters, diaries and memories. She proves how often the artists, a poet in the case of Miłosz or a painter in the case of Czapski, despite a totally different life devotion, refer to pedagogical situations, and describe themselves as students, as authors constantly working on self-training, as well as teachers sharing with their knowledge and life experience. Even if the writings of the authors in question show a model of a pedagogical situation that is too idealistic, the author of the work treats it as a perfect starting point for a discussion on the cultural formation of man these days, as well as the possibility to reach what constitutes the essence of the master-learner relationship. An introduction to considerations are biographic sketches, being an attempt at pointing to the moments that made experiencing the culture for Stempowski, Czapski and Miłosz a life-time project, and process of constant training. The next chapter, Circles, bonds, institutions, reconstructs the places that were important in their cultural education, both formal, institutional and informal initiatives. How Stempowski, Czapski and Miłosz understood culture is described in the chapter entitled Culture individualized statement. All three of them taught while their learners in the evidence left treat them as masters. The master-learner relationship is elaborated on in the chapter entitled Give a sense of direction. The scope of actions taken by the authors was very broad, which was presented in the chapter called In action. It constitutes, at the same time, an attempt at confronting their ways of acting in the culture with the standards biding in animation, culture popularization or cultural education these days. The authors in question belong today to the canon of the Polish culture that is why according to the author the record of their formation experiences should be treated as important heritage perhaps deliberately left out as their contribution to the reflection on cultural education and pedagogy these days.
ISBN: 9788322621790
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