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Title: Rozwój kultury a inwolucja człowieka. Kilka uwag o autodomestykacji
Authors: Wężowicz-Ziółkowska, Dobrosława
Keywords: ewolucja człowieka; rozwój kultury
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Teksty z Ulicy. Zeszyt memetyczny, 2011, nr 13, s. 97-105
Abstract: Evolution, especially human evolution, is often interpreted as a teleonomical “upward” process, rising our species to higher levels of development. This interpretation is incorrect. Biological studies clearly show that evolution, as a result of the selection forces, is blindly subjected to these forces and that is why both progress and regress can be considered as an effect of the evolution. It depends what kind of the selective forces act in this particular situation. Basing on the claims of Konrad Lorenz, the author of an essay says that the development of the culture that has become the only environment in which the selection of homo sapiens takes place, is followed by the humanity regress, genetic saculinization. It is caused by the loss of information about the details of human living-space which has been lasting for centuries, even though the culture is associated with the increase of information. Excess of information runs back causing the lack of genetic information – the only source of natural mutation, which a man is not a subject to anymore.
ISSN: 2081-397X
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