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Title: Pedagogizacja medialna rodziny : zakres - uwarunkowania - dylematy
Authors: Musioł, Marcin
Keywords: mass media i rodzina; mass media i dzieci; mass media aspekt antropologiczny
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The first chapters of the book analyze the possibilities and needs of taking actions medially pedagogizing a family in the following three areas. • education and teaching through the media — it covers the possibilities of using the media to facilitate the process of shaping different developmental spheres of a child or a teenager, as well as shaping his/her axio-normative system. • education to the media — it consists of shaping parents’ and carers’ competences of taking multidimensional actions aiming at providing a child or a teenager with maximum safety, making use of the media, above all through his/her education, and, further on, equipment and programme protection, as well as controlling his/her media actions. • media education of parents and carers — it contains shaping their competences in order to make use of the information-communication technology tools. The third chapter concentrates on the issue of pedagogization concerning the possibilities of using the media when facilitating the process of child or teenager development. This part of pedagogization should be treated in a similar way to a child or a teenager preparation for a safe and rational usage of the media described in the next chapter. The next chapter includes a characteristic of the media education for parents or carers, aiming at broadening their media competences, allowing them to support their foster children or teenagers in the process of their learning, using the information-communication technology tools and doing homework in computer science or information technology classes. The last chapter involves methodological tips of how to conduct meetings medially pedagogizing a family. The book closes with a summary where the verification of hypotheses, as well as answers to research problems and postulates are provided. Pieces of information on the media presented in particular chapters were not to describe it holistically, but were selected taking into account their usefulness for parents or carers of children or teenagers, and possibilities of discussing them within the scope of the media pedagogization of a family.
ISBN: 9788322621998
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