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Tytuł: Czy Hiszpania jest państwem federalnym?
Autor: Domagała, Małgorzata
Słowa kluczowe: Spanish Unitarism; Territorial System; Federalism
Data wydania: 2016
Źródło: Studia Politicae Universitatis Silesiensis, T. 17 (2016), s. 82-97
Abstrakt: During the last few decades, a new state with a decentralized unitary structure was implemented and it destroyed so far functioning dichotomy between unitary states and complex states called very often as federal. Consequently, there is a huge controversy in the classification of the political system of countries like Spain or Italy. The article contains of a brief reference to the form of federal and unitary, which constitutes the background to the debate on the Spanish regime. Currently, 17 Spanish regions has a strong, stable political system and a political position, which does not mean the end of the decentralization process. The shape of the modern territorial structure of the Spanish State is based on several principles that are important from the point of view of the classification of the political system, the analysis included in the article. Spain based on the constitutional principle of unity, created a new form of the state, which in this case can be called a regional system of unitary decentralized. In conclusion it is not possible to call Spanish regime as federal.
ISSN: 1895‑3492
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