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Title: Fizjologie/transgresje. Od Minotaura do cyborga
Authors: Wężowicz-Ziółkowska, Dobrosława
Keywords: fizjologia; transgresja; ewolucja; Minotaur; cyborg
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Narodowe Centrum Kultury
Citation: Kultura Współczesna. Teoria -interpretacje - praktyka, nr 3, 2013, s.9-13.
Abstract: The order of depicting has always been located in opposition to word (logos) that is why what can be said has always been valued more. Not until Sigmund Freud showed that what is said “not entirely” has the power of agency. Freud’s success was parallel to an important discovery of what was later called literary theory. According to Ranciére depicting expressed in a piece of art can be cupped as characteristic tactics of perceiving. Ranciére proposes unprejudiced reading of respective pieces of art in all their depictive concreteness and the article shows his standpoint wending towards clear articulation of the thesis: it is only a piece of art that may contain visibility and invisibility, knowledge and ignorance (logos and pathos) in one space (of depicting).
ISSN: 1230-4808
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