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Title: Obraz Hannibala w literaturze antycznej
Authors: Matusiak, Patrycja
Keywords: Hannibal; literatura starożytna; historiografia starożytna
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The main aim of this book was to analyse the image of Hannibal in ancient literature. His representation was based on three concepts: Hannibal as a Punic, as an enemy and finally as a leader. The perception of each of these features changed gradually from negative to positive. Hannibal as a Punic was analysed in the first chapter. Hannibal-Poenus presented as the ‘Other’ and a typical representative of his nation constituted an antithesis of ‘typical Roman virtues’. It is important to make a clear distinction between the negative term Punic and the neutral, or in other contexts even positive Carthaginiensis. This particular representation of Hannibal became basically a topos in Roman literature and as such was prone to over interpretation and exaggeration. Hannibal-hostis, discussed in the second chapter, was defined as cruel and dreadful thus, was often used as a rhetorical exemplum. The image of Hannibal-dux is based on prudence and shrewdness – virtues that stemmed from his war experience, and when used by authors as means of comparison had a clear laudatory function. Such comparisons created yet another subcategory that combined the images of Hannibal Romanus or novus Hannibal, and finally the image of ‘Alter Hannibal’ discussed in Chapter Four. When making a thorough analysis of the image of Hannibal in ancient literature one has to take into consideration the modifications of his portrayal when it comes to different literary genres or geographical and historical context – ancient poetry handled the image of Hannibal with much more liberty then for example historiography. Moreover, there is a distinct emphasis on the image of Hannibal-hostis in the literature of Roman Republic, while the image of Hannibal-Poenus took prominence in the works of the authors of Augustan era, and Hannibal-dux in the writings of Roman Empire.
ISBN: 9788380127586
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