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Title: General principles of Code of administrative procedure after amendment of 2017
Authors: Majewski, Kamil
Keywords: general principles of the Code of Administrative Procedure; he Code of Ad - ministrative Procedure Amendment of 2017; importance of general principles the Code of Administrative Procedure
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2017
Publisher: Instytut Administracji i Prawa Wyższej Szkoły Humanitas w Sosnowcu
Citation: Roczniki Administracji i Prawa, 2017, no 17 (1), s. 165-182
Abstract: This article refers to the amendment of general principles of the Code of Administrative Procedure. The author has presented the scope of modifications made in the Act, including the indication whether it is the introduction of a new legal institution, or complementing the already known solution. Finally, the impact of the changes made or lack thereof on the practice of applying the law has also been indicated.
ISSN: 1644-9126
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