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Title: Microstructure and properties of the ferroelectric-ferromagnetic PLZT-ferrite composites
Authors: Bochenek, Dariusz
Niemiec, Przemysław
Korzekwa, Joanna
Durtka, Bartłomiej
Stokłosa, Zbigniew
Keywords: Ceramic composites; Ferroelectromagnetics; Multiferroics; Perovskite-type materials
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Symmetry, Vol. 10, iss. 3 (2018), art. no. 59
Abstract: The paper presents the technology of ferroelectric-ferromagnetic ceramic composites obtained from PLZT powder (the chemical formula Pb0.98La0.02(Zr0.90Ti0.10)0.995O3) and ferrite powder (Ni0.64Zn0.36Fe2O4), as well as the results of X-ray powder-diffraction data (XRD) measurement, microstructure, dielectric, ferroelectric, and magnetic properties of the composite samples. The ferroelectric-ferromagnetic composite (P-F) was obtained by mixing and the synthesis of 90% of PLZT and 10% of ferrite powders. The XRD test of the P-F composite shows a two-phase structure derived from the PLZT component (strong peaks) and the ferrite component (weak peaks). The symmetry of PLZT was identified as a rhombohedral ferroelectric phase, while the ferrite was identified as a spinel structure. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) microstructure analysis of the P-F ceramic composites showed that fine grains of the PLZT component surrounded large ferrite grains. At room temperature P-F composites exhibit both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties. The P-F composite samples have lower values of the maximum dielectric permittivity at the Curie temperature and a higher dielectric loss compared to the PLZT ceramics, however, the exhibit overall good multiferroic properties.
DOI: 10.3390/sym10030059
ISSN: 2073-8994
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