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Title: Zarys antropologii filozoficznej Jose Ortegi y Gasseta
Authors: Wieczorek, Krzysztof
Keywords: Ortega y Gasset; antropologia filozoficzna; pokolenie 1898; racjowitalizm; perspektywizm; problem życia; inwariantność; konsystentność; żywotność; indywiduum; dramat; projektowanie egzystencji; multiwersum
Issue Date: 1984
Publisher: Instytut Filozofii Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: Prace z Nauk Społecznych. Folia Philosophica T. 1, 1984, s. 85-101
Abstract: One of the dominant motifs of Ortega y Gasset’s philosophy is that of antropology. Man and his condition make a fundamental object of the ratiovitalism concern. Human life is determined in this system as a primordial, radical reality making up a foundation for all other forms of reality. This is a fundamental fact on which Ortega built his new antropology, whose central category represents life. Life of every entity constitutes its existence, and human being takes up an outstanding place in the cosmic structure due to its particular dynamics, open approach and orientation onto future, being that „what is still not”. These theses give rise to radically individualistic epistemology of perspectivism describing cognition as a process of an individual rooting into the universe forming up around concentric multiplaned structure.
ISSN: 0208-6336
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