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Title: Pa)labra[r] (en) el texto. Lector/autor en la poesía rupturista de Mario Martín Gijón
Other Titles: Wor(d/k) (i/o)n the text. Reader-author in the cracked poetry of Mario Martín Gijón
Authors: Śmiłek, Ewa
Keywords: Mario Martín Gijón; split; reader; Spanish poetry; neo-avant-garde
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Kamchatka. Revista de Análisis Cultural, No 11(2018), s. 163-178
Abstract: The creation of the contemporary Spanish poets, perhaps due to the temporal closeness, has not yet become one of the popular research objects. In XXI century changes the paradigm of the creation of poetic ecosystem: it is to notice the appearance of individual poetics. Although the critics claim not to investigate the poetry, at the end of the day, the poets keep been grouped for tendencies and ages. Furthermore, if we take into account that the few critical approaches that have been made in this field, are limited to extensive overviews of the Spanish poetics of the first decades of the twenty-first century, it is necessary to perform a more detailed observation of the accomplishments of these authors. In this article we put forward the presentation and the analysis of one of the most singular poetic creation of the cracked poetry - the work of Mario Martín Gijón, taking into account his prosa and his place between his pairs.
DOI: 10.7203/KAM. 11.11419
ISSN: 2340-1869
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