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Title: Cyklotronowa produkcja i badanie radioizotopów stosowanych w diagnostyce i terapii medycznej
Authors: Szkliniarz, Katarzyna
Advisor: Zipper, Wiktor
Kłos, Barbara
Keywords: Radioizotopy wytwarzanie i badanie; Medycyna nuklearna
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: This work presents results of the cyclotron production of medical radioisotopes for diagnostic imaging and therapy. The work consist of two parts. In the first part theoretical issues concerning production of radioisotopes used for medical application were described. The second part presents the experimental results of radioisotopes production using beam particle from cyclotrons. The production of 211At, 43,47Sc radioisotopes, in vivo 44mSc/44gSc and 72Se/72As generators using alpha particle beam and the alternative production 99mTc radioisotope using proton beam. The goal of this work was determination of the optimal parameters of the beam of particles from cyclotron to medical radioisotopes production as well as the thick target yields and radionuclides purity of studied isotopes. The experimental results are compared with the literature data and theoretical predictions calculated with the cross section obtained with the EMPIRE and the TALYS evaporation codes. The last chapter describes the quality control of the 225Ac radioisotope.
Description: Autorka otrzymała wsparcie stypendialne w ramach projektu: „DoktoRIS – Program stypendialny na rzecz innowacyjnego Slaska” współfinansowanego przez Unie Europejska w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Społecznego. Autorka otrzymała równiez wsparcie finansowe w ramach współpracy ze Srodowiskowym Laboratomium Ciezkich Jonów Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego z grantów Narodowego Centrum Badan i Rozwoju oraz ENSAR2 (European Nuclear Science and Applications Research–2) i IAEA CRP (Coordinated Research Project).
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