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Title: Excess and hole 4N - nuclei
Authors: Benisz, Jerzy
Keywords: relations between quadrupole; nuclear physics
Issue Date: 1986
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica. B, 1986, no. 8, s. 735-741
Abstract: It is very well known that the 42V-nuclei have relatively high stability. In the region of nuclear masses of A < 40, the doubly magic nuclei are only the 42V-ones (4He, ieO, and 40Ca) and 4iV-nuclei have also completely filled subshells as lp3/2 (12C), ld5,2 (28Si), and 2 s 1/2 (32S). In the framework of the classical a-particle model [9], it is assumed that the internal a-particles are harmonically bound in a semirigid molecule structure since the binding energy of a-particles in the nucleus per the number of bonds between the a-particles is almost the same for all 4/V-nuclei, except of the 8Be nucleus which is unstable. Thus, the 4iV-nuclei are in a way distinguished from the others. To investigate the properties of the nuclear matter it would be helpful to classify the nuclei of A < 40 similarly to the 42V-ones, namely, as the excess and hole 4iV-nuclei, which are defined as the 47V-ones with one excess nucleon and one nucleon hole, respectively. To justify this classification of nuclei the binding energy as a function of the number of nucleons beyond the magic shells should be investigated. For these groups of nuclei the straightforward dependences of the energy, and half life of the p-decay were theoretically discussed in Ref. [3]. The conclusion can be drawn from Ref. [3] that the specific properties of the nuclear matter can then be found. In this paper, the shapes of given groups of nuclei are theoretically investigated in terms of the quadrupole deformation parameter p. To obtain the relations between quadrupole deformation parameters p for the given group of nuclei the angular frequency for the single particle motion in the deformed potential well and the potential energy of the deformation should be considered.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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