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Title: Light fragments production and isospin dependences in Sn+Ni and Sn+Al central collisions at 25MeV/A and 35MeV/A from reverse/isospin experiments
Authors: Schmidt, Katarzyna
Benisz, Anna
Bubak, Arkadiusz
Grzeszczuk, Andrzej
Kowalski, Seweryn
Zipper, Wiktor
Amorini, F.
Anzalone, A.
Auditore, L.
Baran, V.
Brzychczyk, J.
Cardella, G.
Cavallaro, S.
Chatterjee, M. B.
Colonna, M.
DeFilippo, E.
DiToro, M.
Gawlikowicz, W.
Geraci, E.
Guazzoni, P.
La Guidara, E.
Lanzalone, G.
Lukasik, J.
Maiolino, C.
Majka, Z.
Nicolis, N.
Pagano, A.
Papa, M.
Piasecki, E.
Pirrone, S.
Planeta, R.
Politi, G.
Porto, F.
Rizzo, F.
Russotto, P.
Siwek-Wilczynska, K.
Skwira-Chalot, I.
Sochocka, A.
Swiderski, L.
Trifiro, A.
Trimarchi, M.
Wieleczko, J.P.
Wilczynski, J.
Zett, L.
Keywords: reakcje jądrowe; fragmentacja
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 41, no. 2 (2010), s. 387-392
Abstract: This paper presents the physical analysis results for the following reactions: 124Sn+64Ni, 124Sn+27Al, 124Sn+58Ni at 35MeV/A and 25MeV/A. The main goal of this studies was to find observables sensitive to isospin effects and to present the similarities/differences between the systems characterised by various charge asymmetry factor, defined as I = (N􀀀Z)=A. Theoretical simulations based on the Quantum Molecular Dynamics (QMD) model have been performed in order to compare them with the results of the analysis of experimental data. The first phase of the reaction was carried out with the code CHIMERA [1]. The sequential decay of hot fragments was simulated by the code COOLER [2]. The conclusions are as follows: there are observables sensitive to the isospin of the system, such as the Light Charged Particles (LCP) emission and their sensitivity is demonstrated more prominently in the analysis of central collisions at 35MeV/A. The theoretical calculations do not reproduce these relations well.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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