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Title: Mechanosensitivity of the BK Channels in Human Glioblastoma Cells: Kinetics and Dynamical Complexity
Authors: Wawrzkiewicz‑Jałowiecka, Agata
Trybek, Paulina
Machura, Łukasz
Dworakowska, Beata
Grzywna, Zbigniew J.
Keywords: BK channels; Mechanosensitivity; Glioblastoma cells
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Journal of Membrane Biology, Vol. 251 (2018), s. 667–679
Abstract: BK channels are potassium selective and exhibit large single-channel conductance. They play an important physiological role in glioma cells: they are involved in cell growth and extensive migrating behavior. Due to the fact that these processes are accompanied by changes in membrane stress, here, we examine mechanosensitive properties of BK channels from human glioblastoma cells (gBK channels). Experiments were performed by the use of patch-clamp method on excised patches under membrane suction (0–40 mmHg) at membrane hyper- and depolarization. We have also checked whether channel’s activity is affected by possible changes of membrane morphology after a series of long impulses of suction. Unconventionally, we also analyzed internal structure of the experimental signal to make inferences about conformational dynamics of the channel in stressed membranes. We examined the fractal long-range memory effect (by R/S Hurst analysis), the rate of changes in information by sample entropy, or correlation dimension, and characterize its complexity over a range of scales by the use of Multiscale Entropy method. The obtained results indicate that gBK channels are mechanosensitive at membrane depolarization and hyperpolarization. Prolonged suction of membrane also influences open–closed fluctuations—it decreases channel’s activity at membrane hyperpolarization and, in contrary, increases channel’s activity at high voltages. Both membrane strain and its “fatigue” reduce dynamical complexity of channel gating, which suggest decrease in the number of available open conformations of channel protein in stressed membranes.
DOI: 10.1007/s00232-018-0044-9
ISSN: 1432-1424
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