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Title: Isospin effects studied with the CHIMERA detector at 35 Mev/nucleon
Authors: Płaneta, R.
Amorini, F.
Anzalone, A.
Auditore, L.
Baran, V.
Berceanu, I.
Blicharska, J.
Broderie, B.
Bougault, R.
Bruno, M.
Cardella, G.
Cavallaro, S.
Chatterjee, M. B.
Chbihi, A.
Colonna, M.
D'Agostino, M.
De Filippo, E.
Dayras, R.
Ditoro, M.
Frankland, J.
Galichet, E.
Gawlikowicz, W.
Geraci, E.
Giustolisi, F.
Grzeszczuk, Andrzej
Guazzoni, P.
Guinet, D.
Kowalski, Seweryn
Laguidara, E.
Lanzano, G.
Lanzalone, G.
Łukasik, J.
Maiolino, C.
Majka, Z.
Leneindre, N.
Nicolis, N. G.
Pagano, A.
Papa, M.
Petrovici, M.
Piasecki, E.
Pirrone, S.
Politi, G.
Pop, A.
Porto, F.
Rivet, M. F.
Rosato, E.
Rizzo, F.
Russo, S.
Russotto, P.
Sassiv, M.
Schmidt, Katarzyna
Siwek-Wilczyńska, K.
Skwira-Chalot, I.
Sochocka, A.
Sperduto, M. L.
Świderski, L.
Trifiro, A.
Trimarchi, M.
Vannini, G.
Verde, G.
Vigilante, M.
Wieliczko, J. P.
Wilczyński, J.
Zetta, L.
Zipper, Wiktor
Keywords: reakcje jądrowe; izospin; detektor CHIMERA; kwantowa dynamika molekularna
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 37, no. 1 (2006), s. 183-191
Abstract: The yield of light charged particles and intermediate mass fragments is studied for the neutron-rich, 124Sn+64Ni, and neutron-poor, 112Sn+58Ni, reactions at 35MeV/nucleon as a function of the impact parameter. Our main observations are: (i) The yields of 1H, 3He and 4He particles in the neutron-poor system are enhanced with respect to the neutron-rich system and the yield of 3H is suppressed at all impact parameters, (ii) The ratio of 3H to 3He yield is three times larger for neutron poor system, (iii) The N/Z ratio of the emitted intermediate-mass fragments shows dependence on the isospin of the system, (iv) The neutron richness of detected intermediate mass fragments depends strongly on their rapidity. The gross features of the experimental data are reproduced by quantum molecular dynamics model calculations.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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