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Title: Isoscaling in neck fragmentation
Authors: De-Filippo, E.
Amorini, F.
Anzalone, A.
Auditore, L.
Baran, V.
Berceanu, I.
Blicharska, J.
Brzychczyk, J.
Borderie, B.
Bougault, R.
Bruno, M.
Cardella, G.
Cavallaro, S.
Chatterjee, M. B.
Chbihi, A.
Colonna, M.
D'Agostino, M.
Dayras, R.
Di-Toro, M.
Frankland, J.
Galichet, E.
Gawlikowicz, W.
Geraci, E.
Giustolisi, F.
Grzeszczuk, Andrzej
Guazzoni, P.
Guinet, D.
Iacono-Manno, M.
Kowalski, Seweryn
La Guidara, E.
Lanzalone, G.
Lanzano, G.
Maiolino, C.
Majka, Z.
Le-Neindre, N.
Pagano, A.
Papa, M.
Petrovici, M.
Piasecki, E.
Pirrone, S.
Płaneta, R.
Politi, G.
Pop, A.
Porto, F.
Rivet, M.F.
Rosato, E.
Rizzo, F.
Russo, S.
Russotto, P.
Sassi, M.
Schmidt, Katarzyna
Siwek-Wilczyńska, K.
Skwira, I.
Sperduto, M. L.
Sochocka, A.
Świderski, L.
Trifiro, A.
Trimarchi, M.
Vannini, G.
Verde, G.
Vigilante, M.
Wieleczko, J.P.
Wilczyński, J.
Zetta, L.
Zipper, Wiktor
Keywords: reakcje jądrowe; fragmentacja
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 37, no. 1 (2006), s. 199-250
Abstract: Production of intermediate mass fragments (IMF) has been studied in semi-peripheral 124Sn (35AMeV) + 64Ni and 112Sn (35AMeV) + 58Ni reactions. Our recently proposed new method of an analysis of the neck- like fragmentation processes that provides information on the IMFs time equence and time scale is reviewed. Isotopic analysis of so characterized IMFs gives evidence for neutron enrichment of mid-velocity fragments. A clear isoscaling behavior is found despite the short emission time scale. Evolution of the isoscaling parameters from semi-peripheral to central collisions is discussed.
ISSN: 0587-4254
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