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Title: Postulowane a rzeczywiste kompetencje muzyczne nauczycieli przedszkola (na przykładzie województwa śląskiego)
Authors: Wilk, Kamil
Advisor: Kisiel, Mirosław
Watoła, Anna
Keywords: kompetencje muzyczne; nauczyciel; przedszkola; Test Inteligencji Muzycznej Herberta Winga; wychowanie muzyczne
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The research presented focused on musical competences of professionally active pre-school teachers employed in public and non-public kindergartens in the Śląskie Voivodeship, as well as their assessment in the respondents’ opinion - including self-assessment expressed by kindergarten teachers, and the respondents’ views concerning selected factors conditioning these competences. The presented explorations aimed at getting to know the actual level of selected musical competences of professionally active kindergarten teachers working in the Śląskie Voivodeship, and indicating a probable number of factors conditioning changes in this regard (theoretical-cognitive and prognostic goals), getting to know the self-assessment and perception of these educators’ selected musical competences (theoretical-cognitive goal), indicating neglected areas and proposing possible remedial actions (prognostic and practical-implementation goals), proving or falsifying the main hypothesis assumed that there are discrepancies between the recommended and actual levels of musical competences of future and professionally active pre-school teachers in the subject region (cognitive goal), finally, confirmation or verification of the statements in the representative source literature (theoretical and cognitive goal). These goals were achieved thus satisfying the postulate for complementarity of scientific research by complementing the results obtained through a quantitative strategy using qualitative inquiries. The Test of Musical Intelligence by Herbert Wing as well as the Elementary Music Test (constructed by the author and subjected to local standardization) were used in the research. The author also used selected survey techniques (various forms of interviews and conversations), as well as indirect and direct observation in addition to documentation analysis. Time recording and type of the teacher’s musical activity were used auxiliarily, which enable to explore areas difficult to access due to, among others, the perception of selected musical competences as particularly sensitive, and to verify and supplement these competences’ image outlined in the declarative layer.
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