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Title: Precursor Phenomena of Barium Titanate Single Crystals Grown Using a Solid-State Single Crystal Growth Method Studied with Inelastic Brillouin Light Scattering and Birefringence Measurements
Authors: Oh, Soo Han
Ko, Jae-Hyeon
Lee, Ho-Yong
Lazar, Iwona
Roleder, Krystian
Keywords: barium titanate; BaTiO3; Brillouin spectroscopy; acoustic property; precursor phenomena
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Molecules, Vol. 23, iss. 12 (2018), Art. No. 3171
Abstract: The nature of precursor phenomena in the paraelectric phase of ferroelectrics is one of the main questions to be resolved from a fundamental point of view. Barium titanate (BaTiO3) is one of the most representative perovskite-structured ferroelectrics intensively studied until now. The pretransitional behavior of BaTiO3 single crystal grown using a solid-state crystal growth (SSCG) method was investigated for the first time and compared to previous results. There is no melting process in the SSCG method, thus the crystal grown using a SSCG method have inherent higher levels of impurity and defect concentrations, which is a good candidate for investigating the effect of crystal quality on the precursor phenomena. The acoustic, dielectric, and piezoelectric properties, as well as birefringence, of the SSCG-grown BaTiO3 were examined over a wide temperature range. Especially, the acoustic phonon behavior was investigated in terms of Brillouin spectroscopy, which is a complementary technique to Raman spectroscopy. The obtained precursor anomalies of the SSCG-grown BaTiO3 in the cubic phase were similar to those of other single crystals, in particular, of high-quality single crystal grown by top-seeded solution growth method. These results clearly indicate that the observed precursor phenomena are common and intrinsic effect irrespective of the crystal quality.
DOI: 10.3390/molecules23123171
ISSN: 1420-3049
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