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Title: Experimental study of three-nucleon dynamics in proton–deuteron breakup reaction
Authors: Rusnok, Angelina
Ciepał, I.
Jamróz, Barbara
Kalantar-Nayestanaki, N.
Khatrid, G.
Kistryn, St.
Kłos, Barbara
Kozela, A.
Kuboś, J.
Kulessa, P.
Liptak, A.
Messchendorp, J.
Parol, W.
Skwira-Chalot, I.
Stephan, Elżbieta
Wilczek, Andrzej
Włoch, B.
Zejma, J.
Keywords: Proton–deuteron breakup reaction; experimental study
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 49, No. 3 (2018), s. 463-468
Abstract: Proton–deuteron breakup reaction can serve as a tool to test stateof- the-art descriptions of nuclear interactions. At intermediate energies, below the threshold for pion production, comparison of the data with exact theoretical calculations is possible and subtle effects of the dynamics beyond the pairwise nucleon–nucleon interaction, namely the three-nucleon force (3NF), are significant. Beside 3NF, Coulomb interaction or relativistic effects are also important to precisely describe the differential cross section of the breakup reaction. The data analysis and preliminary results of the measurement of proton-induced deuteron breakup at the Cyclotron Center Bronowice, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków are presented.
DOI: 10.5506/APhysPolB.49.463
ISSN: 1509-5770
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