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Title: Production of medical Sc radioisotopes with an alpha particle beam
Authors: Szkliniarz, Katarzyna
Sitarz, Mateusz
Walczak, Rafał
Jastrzębski, Jerzy
Bilewicz, Aleksander
Choiński, Jarosław
Jakubowski, Andrzej
Majkowska, Agnieszka
Stolarz, Anna
Trzcińska, Agnieszka
Zipper, Wiktor
Keywords: alpha particle beam; 43,44Sc radioisotopes; radioisotope production; in vivo 44 mSc /44 gSc generator; Thick Target Yield
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Vol. 118 (2016), s. 182-189
Abstract: The internal α-particle beam of the Warsaw Heavy Ion Cyclotron was used to produce research quantities of the medically interesting Sc radioisotopes from natural Ca and K and isotopically enriched 42Ca targets. The targets were made of metallic calcium, calcium carbonate and potassium chloride. New data on the production yields and impurities generated during the target irradiations are presented for the positron emitters 43Sc, 44 gSc and 44 mSc. The different paths for the production of the long lived 44 mSc/44 gSc in vivo generator, proposed by the ARRONAX team, using proton and deuteron beams as well as alpha-particle beams are discussed. Due to the larger angular momentum transfer in the formation of the compound nucleus in the case of the alpha particle induced reactions, the isomeric ratio of 44 mSc/44 gSc at a bombarding energy of 29 MeV is five times larger than previously determined for a deuteron beam and twenty times larger than for proton induced reactions on enriched CaCO3 targets. Therefore, formation of this generator via the alpha-particle route seems a very attractive way to form these isotopes. The experimental data presented here are compared with theoretical predictions made using the EMPIRE evaporation code. Reasonable agreement is generally observed.
DOI: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2016.07.001
ISSN: 0969-8043
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