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Title: The trigger system of the ICARUS experiment for the CNGS beam
Authors: Antonello, M.
Baibussinov, B.
Benetti, P.
Boffelli, F.
Bubak, Arkadiusz
Calligarich, E.
Centro, S.
Cesana, A.
Cieślik, K.
Cline, D. B.
Cocco, A. G.
Dąbrowska, A.
Dequal, D.
Dermenev, A.
Dolfini, R.
Falcone, A.
Farnese, C.
Fava, A.
Ferrari, A.
Fiorillo, G.
Gibin, D.
Gninenko, S.
Guglielmi, A.
Haranczyk, M.
Holeczek, Jacek
Kirsanov, M.
Kisiel, Jan
Kochanek, Izabela
Lagoda, J.
Mania, Sławomir
Menegolli, A.
Meng, G.
Montanari, C.
Nicoletto, M.
Otwinowski, S.
Picchi, P.
Pietropaolo, F.
Płoński, P.
Rappoldi, A.
Raselli, G. L.
Rossella, M.
Rubbia, C.
Sala, P.
Scaramelli, A.
Segreto, E.
Sergiampietri, F.
Stefan, D.
Sulej, R.
Szarska, M.
Terrani, M.
Torti, M.
Varanini, F.
Ventura, S.
Vignoli, C.
Wang, H.
Yang, X.
Zalewska, A.
Zani, A.
Zaremba, K.
Keywords: trigger concepts and systems (hardware and software); Noble liquid detectors (scintillation,ionization, double-phase); neutrino detectors
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Journal of Instrumentation, Vol. 9, iss. 8 (2014), art. no. P08003
Abstract: The ICARUS T600 detector, with its 470 tons of active mass, is the largest liquid Argon TPC ever built. Operated for three years in the LNGS underground laboratory, it has collected thousands of CNGS neutrino beam interactions and cosmic ray events with energy spanning from tens of MeV to tens of GeV, with a trigger system based on scintillation light, charge signal on TPC wires and time information (for beam related events only). The performance of trigger system in terms of efficiency, background and live-time as a function of the event energy for the CNGS data taking is presented.
DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/9/08/P08003
ISSN: 1748-0221
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