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Title: Search for anomalies in the [ny]e appearance from a [ny][mi] beam
Authors: Antonello, M.
Baibussinov, B.
Benetti, P.
Boffelli, F.
Bubak, Arkadiusz
Calligarich, E.
Canci, N.
Centro, S.
Cesana, A.
Cieślik, K.
Cline, D. B.
Cocco, A. G.
Dąbrowska, A.
Dequal, D.
Dermenev, A.
Dolfini, R.
Falcone, A.
Farnese, C.
Fava, A.
Ferrari, A.
Fiorillo, G.
Gibin, D.
Gninenko, S.
Guglielmi, A.
Harańczyk, M.
Holeczek, Jacek
Kirsanov, M.
Kisiel, Jan
Kochanek, Izabela
Lagoda, J.
Mania, Sławomir
Menegolli, A.
Meng, G.
Montanari, C.
Otwinowski, S.
Picchi, P.
Pietropaolo, F.
Płoński, P.
Rappoldi, A.
Raselli, L.
Rossella, M.
Rubbia, C.
Sala, P.
Scaramelli, A.
Segreto, E.
Sergiampietri, F.
Stefan, D.
Sulej, R.
Szarska, M.
Terrani, M.
Torti, M.
Varanini, F.
Ventura, S.
Vignoli, C.
Wang, H. G.
Yang, X.
Zalewska, A.
Zani, A.
Zaremba, K.
Keywords: neutrinos; antineutrinos; light sterile
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: European Physical Journal C, Vol. 73, iss. 10 (2013), art. no. 2599
Abstract: We report an updated result from the ICARUS experiment on the search for ν μ →ν e anomalies with the CNGS beam, produced at CERN with an average energy of 20 GeV and traveling 730 km to the Gran Sasso Laboratory. The present analysis is based on a total sample of 1995 events of CNGS neutrino interactions, which corresponds to an almost doubled sample with respect to the previously published result. Four clear ν e events have been visually identified over the full sample, compared with an expectation of 6.4±0.9 events from conventional sources. The result is compatible with the absence of additional anomalous contributions. At 90 % and 99 % confidence levels, the limits to possible oscillated events are 3.7 and 8.3 respectively. The corresponding limit to oscillation probability becomes consequently 3.4×10 -3 and 7.6×10 -3 , respectively. The present result confirms, with an improved sensitivity, the early result already published by the ICARUS Collaboration.
DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-013-2599-z
ISSN: 1434-6044
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