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Title: Structure, properties, and crystallization of Mg-Cu-Y-Zn bulk metallic glasses
Authors: Babilas, Rafał
Cesarz-Andraczke, Katarzyna
Nowosielski, Ryszard
Burian, Andrzej
Keywords: bulk metallic glasses; fracture analysis; mechanical properties; Mg-based alloys; thermal analysis
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Vol. 23, iss. 6 (2014), s. 2241-2246
Abstract: The Mg60Cu30Y10 and Mg65Cu 20Y10Zn5 bulk metallic glasses in the form of a rod 2 mm in diameter were successfully prepared by the conventional Cu-mold casting method. The addition of Zn caused the decrease in the crystallization and melting temperatures in comparison with the Mg60Cu 30Y10 alloy. The crystallization and melting temperatures are crucial factors that influence the casting process. An increase in annealing temperature leads to structural changes by the formation of the crystalline phases and lowers the compressive strength. These results obtained for the Mg-based bulk metallic glasses (Mg-BMGs) are important for some practical reasons, in particular, for developing the fabrication process. It has been shown that minor addition of an alloying element can change glass-forming ability and strength of the Mg- BMGs.
DOI: 10.1007/s11665-014-0972-1
ISSN: 1059-9495
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