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Title: Magnetyczne własności szeregu związków międzymetalicznych Ce₅MGe₂ i Ce₂M₃Ge, gdzie M jest metalem d-elektronowym
Authors: Skornia, Paweł
Advisor: Ślebarski, Andrzej
Keywords: cer (pierwiatek); związki międzymetaliczne; obliczenia Ab initio; struktura elektronowa; własności termodynamiczne
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The aim of my doctoral thesis was comprehensive research on new intermetallic compounds Ce₅MGe₂, where M is a metal with partial occupied 3d-, 4d- or 5d-electron shell. Only crystal structure was known for these compounds, while their physical properties defining the ground state of the system have not been studied so far. In this work, a several compounds of Ce₅MGe₂ were obtained, their magnetic properties, specific heat, electric transport and the electronic structure (ab initio calculations and XPS experiment) was investigated. The magnetic, thermal and electron transport properties for the series of Ce₅MGe₂ compounds have been systematized on the basis of their electronic structure, dominated by M and showed a complex magnetic structure of these compounds. Compounds were obtained in the form of polycrystalline Ce₅MGe₂ samples for M = Ru, Rh, Pd Ag and Ce₂Rh₃Ge₂ by arc melting. The crystal structure was examined by X-ray diffraction and the results were developed using the Rietveld method. The electron structure was investigated by XPS Photoelectric Spectroscopy. Magnetic measurements were performed using SQUID and PPMS magnetometer in the fields range up to 7 T. Electrical resistance, thermal conductivity and specific heat were investigated using a PPMS magnetometer. Calculations of the electronic structure were also performed using the available codes.
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