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Title: Conoscopic study of strontium-barium niobate single crystals
Authors: Kolesnikov, Aleksandr
Grechishkin, Rostislav
Malyshkina, Olga
Malyshkin, Yury
Dec, Jan
Łukasiewicz, Tadeusz
Ivanova, Aleksandra
Keywords: Bronze; ferroelectric materials; tetragonal tungsten
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 49, iss. 1 (2013), art. no. 012010
Abstract: Optically transparent single crystals of strontium-barium niobate, Sr xBa1-xNb2O6, of different compositions (x 0.26...0.7) were examined with the aid of conoscopic light interference figures. A regular change of the isochrome concentric ring number and diameters consistent with the temperature variation of the value of birefringence is demonstrated by direct observations of polar cuts of optically uniaxial samples. Anomalous violations of the conventional (uniaxial) interference patterns occur occasionaly in some samples being indicative of the existence of biaxial trait in their behaviour even though no voltage is applied. These features may depend on annealing treatments at elevated temperatures. The results of the study show that conoscopic images may serve as a sensitive indicator of the structural state of SBN crystals related to the effects of stress-induced change of optical anisotropy and temperature dependent birefringence parameters.
DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/49/1/012010
ISSN: 1757-8981
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