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Title: Względna przyczyna odwoławcza związana z błędem w rekonstruowaniu podstawy faktycznej orzeczenia w perspektywie prawnomiędzynarodowej i konstytucyjnej
Authors: Sychta, Katarzyna
Keywords: appeal-related proceedings; error in the establishment of the actual state of affairs; contractual ruling; the two-instance nature of proceedings
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Problemy Prawa Karnego, T. 28 (2018), s. 155–204
Abstract: From the perspective of legal-international and constitutional guarantees of a two-instance procedure one should consider admissible the exclusion of the control of the actual basis in reference to guilt and punishment when such an adjudication constituted the object of a lawsuit-related contract, for the right to instance-based control of adjudications is relinquishable, and the limitations of the challengeability of contractual rulings was regulated in the Polish criminal procedure as not to exclude the right of the parties to bring about control of contractual rulings in a general manner, but only to constrain the catalogue of the admissible appeal-based accusations. However, the complete liquidation of the instance-based control of the establishment of the actual state of affairs contradicts the legal-international and constitutional guarantees, for the reconstruction of the actual state of affairs constitutes a component of the adjudication about someone’s culpability in the trial-related sense, and the control of the solution of this problem is guaranteed at the international level. The abolishment of instance-based control of the establishment of the actual state of affairs, being a manifestation of the pursuit of praxeological economical arrangements, also results in the reduction of the probability of reaching material truth. Moreover, it changes the model of a multi-faceted verificationbased activities realised within the framework of a typical instance-based course into control which is similar to an analysis and correction peculiar to the extraordinary modes of control-related proceedings.
ISSN: 2353-9712
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