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Title: Studium przypadku dziecka w wieku przedszkolnym ze zdiagnozowanym rotacyzmem właściwym
Authors: Biłas-Pleszak, Ewa
Keywords: Rotacyzm właściwy; Dyslalia; Wady wymowy
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: K. Węsierska, A. Podstolec (red.), "W świecie logopedii. T. 2, Studia przypadków" (S. 73-96). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: The sonorant consonant “r” belongs to the group of consonants that children learn to produce very late and their pronunciation is often deformed. This is the consequence of high articulatory demands of this particular sound – efficient work of the tip of the tongue is required. The following paper presents how a six‑year‑old boy is gradually learning how to produce the sound “r”. The author describes how the sound “r” is replaced with some other well‑articulated sounds and next how the sounds very similar to “r” are gradually appearing in the boy’s speech. This process allowed the boy to start producing a short vocal element similar to “y” but pronounced with the mass of the tongue located in the back. This kind of articulation is known as sibilant. Finally, the paper describes the therapeutic process which resulted in the appearance of the correct pronunciation.
ISBN: 9788322621783
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