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Title: Increase in the incidence of parotid gland tumors in the years 2005-2014
Authors: Stryjewska-Makuch, Grażyna
Kolebacz, Bogdan
Janik, Małgorzata A.
Wolnik, Agnieszka
Keywords: Parotid gland neoplasms; Epidemiology; Histopathology
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Otolaryngologia Polska, 2017, nr 2, s. 29-34
Abstract: Introduction: Salivary gland tumours account for 3-6% of tumours of the head and neck. About 80% of salivary gland tumors occur in parotid glands, 10-17% of which are malignant The aim of the study was to assess whether there is an upward trend in cancer incidence within the parotid glands, with particular emphasis on cancers. Materials and methods: 322 patients underwent surgery and 328 parotid gland tumours were removed in the years 2005-2014 at the Department of Laryngology and Laryngological Oncology of the Upper Silesian Medical Centre in Katowice-Ochojec. Clinical, histopathological and statistical analyses of the removed parotid gland tumours were performed. Results and discussion: A significant increase in the incidence of benign tumours, especially mixed and Warthin tumours, was demonstrated. There was no significant increase in the number of malignant tumours over the analysed period of time.
ISSN: 0030-6657
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