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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Prismatic Theatres : Towards the Materialist Readings of Samuel Beckett and Tadeusz KantorKisiel, Michał
2016Rhapsody for the Theatre – recenzjaKisiel, Michał
2019Stacy Alaimo "Exposed. Environmental Politics & Pleasures in Posthuman Times" (Nota krytyczna)Kisiel, Michał
2014Światy wyludnione Nadzieja i oczekiwanie w Wyludniaczu Samuela BeckettaKisiel, Michał
2020Violence Hates Games? Revolting (against) Violence in Michael Haneke’s Funny Games U.S.Kisiel, Michał
2020Violence hates games? Revolting (Against) Violence in Michael Haneke’s „Funny Games U.S.”Kisiel, Michał
2017"White world, not a sound" : paternal spaces in Samuel Beckett's "Embres"Kisiel, Michał