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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Faunal dynamics across the Silurian-Devonian positive isotope excursions (δ13C, δ18O) in Podolia, Ukraine: Comparative analysis of the ireviken and klonk eventsRacki, Grzegorz; Baliński, Andrzej; Wrona, Ryszard; Małkowski, Krzysztof; Drygant, Daniel; Szaniawski, Hubert
2018Julius Kaljuvee, Ivan Reinwald, and Estonian pioneering ideas on meteorite impacts and cosmic neocatastrophism in the early 20th centuryRacki, Grzegorz; Viik, Tõnu; Puura, Väino
2010Kulisy listy czasopism punktowanychRacki, Grzegorz; Drabek, Aneta
1998Late Frasnian Athyridida (Brachiopoda) from Poland and the Late Devonian biotic turnoverGrunt, Tatjana A.; Racki, Grzegorz
1998Late Frasnian Atrypida (Brachiopoda) from Poland and the Frasnian-Famennian biotic crisisRacki, Grzegorz; Baliński, Andrzej
2002Ostracods and fore-reef sedimentology of the Frasnian-Famennian boundary beds in Kielce (Holy Cross Mountains, Poland)Casier, Jean-Georges; Devleeschouwer, Xavier; Lethiers, Francis; Preat, Alain; Racki, Grzegorz
2012Palynology and microfacies of Lower Devonian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic deposits in Podolia, UkraineFilipiak, Paweł; Zatoń, Michał; Szaniawski, Hubert; Wrona, Ryszard; Racki, Grzegorz
2002Siliceous biota (radiolarians and sponges) and the Late Devonian biotic crisis: the Polish referenceVishnevskaya, Valentina; Pisera, Andrzej; Racki, Grzegorz
2012The Alvarez impact theory of mass extinction; limits to its applicability and the „great expectations syndrome”Racki, Grzegorz
1998The Frasnian-Famennian brachiopod extinction events: a preliminary reviewRacki, Grzegorz
2002The Frasnian-Famennian events in a deep-shelf succession, Subpolar Urals: biotic, depositional, and geochemical recordsYudina, Alexandra B.; Racki, Grzegorz; Savage, Norman M.; Racka, Maria; Małkowski, Krzysztof
1999The impact factor of Acta Palaeontologica PolonicaRacki, Grzegorz; Baliński, Andrzej
1998The Late Devonian bio-crisis and brachiopods: Introductory remarks: prefaceRacki, Grzegorz
1998The late Frasnian rhynchonellid genus Pammegetherhynchus (Brachiopoda) in Poland, and its relevance to the Kellwasser CrisisSartenaer, Paul; Racki, Grzegorz; Szulczewski, Michał
2002What is hot in sedimentary research over the millennium crossroad?Racki, Grzegorz