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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Body-size increase in crinoids following the end-Devonian mass extinctionBrom, Krzysztof Roman; Salamon, Mariusz A.; Gorzelak, Przemysław
2010Comment on „palaeoenvironmental control on distribution of crinoids in the bathonian (middle jurassic) of England and France” by Aaron W. Hunter and Charlie J. UnderwoodSalamon, Mariusz A.; Gorzelak, Przemysław; Zatoń, Michał
2018Cretaceous Roveacrinids from Mexico revisited: Overcoming the taxonomic misidentifications and subsequent biostratigraphic abuseFerré, Bruno; Granier, Bruno; Gorzelak, Przemysław; Salamon, Mariusz A.
2013Drill Holes and Predation Traces versus Abrasion-Induced Artifacts Revealed by Tumbling ExperimentsGorzelak, Przemysław; Salamon, Mariusz A.; Trzęsiok, Dawid; Niedźwiedzki, Robert
2018Experimental tumbling of Dreissena polymorpha : implications for recognizing durophagous predation in the fossil recordSalamon, Mariusz A.; Leśko, Katarzyna; Gorzelak, Przemysław
2012Ophiuroids Discovered in the Middle Triassic Hypersaline EnvironmentSalamon, Mariusz A.; Niedźwiedzki, Robert; Lach, Rafał; Brachaniec, Tomasz; Gorzelak, Przemysław
2014Reassessing the improbability of a muscular crinoid stemGorzelak, Przemysław; Głuchowski, Edward; Salamon, Mariusz A.