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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Arctic catchment as a sensitive indicator of the environmental changes : distribution and migration of metals (Svalbard)Kozak, K.; Polkowska, Ż.; Stachnik, Ł.; Luks, B.; Chmiel, S.; Ruman, Marek; Lech, D.; Kozioł, K.; Tsakovski, S.; Simeonov, V.
2021Arctic freshwater environment altered by the accumulation of commonly determined and potentially new POPsKosek, Klaudia; Ruman, Marek
2018Biological responses to environmental contamination. How can metal pollution impact signal honesty in avian species?Pacyna, Aneta Dorota; Ruman, Marek; Mazerski, Jan; Polkowska, Żaneta
2020Contamination of Arctic Lakes with Persistent Toxic PAH Substances in the NW Part of Wedel Jarlsberg Land (Bellsund, Svalbard)Lehmann‐Konera, Sara; Ruman, Marek; Franczak, Łukasz; Polkowska, Żaneta
2013Determination of surfactants in environmental samples. Part 1. Anionic compoundsOlkowska, Ewa; Ruman, Marek; Kowalska, Anna; Polkowska, Żaneta
2013Determination of surfactants in environmental samples. Part 3. Non-ionic compoundsOlkowska, E.; Ruman, Marek; Kowalska, A.; Polkowska, Ż.
2013Determination of surfactants in environmental samples.Part 2. Anionic compoundsOlkowska, E.; Ruman, Marek; Kowalska, A.; Polkowska, Ż.
2017Development of an analytical protocol for determination of cyanide in human biological samples based on application of ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detectionJaszczak, Ewa; Ruman, Marek; Narkowicz, Sylwia; Namieśnik, Jacek; Polkowska, Żaneta
2015Estimating the impact of inflow on the chemistry of two different caldera type lakes located on the Bali Island (Indonesia)Polkowska, Żaneta; Wolska, Lidia; Łęczyński, Leszek; Ruman, Marek; Lehmann, Sara; Kozak, Katarzyna; Matysik, Magdalena; Absalon, Damian
2017Glaciers as an important element of the World Glacier Monitoring implemented in SvalbardLehmann‐Konera, Sara; Ruman, Marek; Kozioł, Krystyna; Gajek, Grzegorz; Polkowska, Żaneta
2017Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on the Occurrence of PAHs Compounds in the Aquatic Ecosystem of the Southern Part of West Spitsbergen (Hornsund Fjord, Svalbard)Kozak, Katarzyna; Ruman, Marek; Kosek, Klaudia; Karasiński, Grzegorz; Stachnik, Łukasz; Polkowska, Żaneta
2018Mathematical modelling as a tool for the assessment of impact of thermodynamics on the algal growth in dam reservoirs – case study of the Goczalkowice ReservoirUlańczyk, Rafał; Kliś, Czesław; Absalon, Damian; Ruman, Marek
2015Novel methods and solutions in hydrology and water management : National Conference (Sosnowiec and Szczyrk, Poland, 25th-27th May, 2015)Absalon, Damian; Matysik, Magdalena; Ruman, Marek
2014Occurrence of Surface Active Agents in the EnvironmentOlkowska, Ewa; Ruman, Marek; Polkowska, Żaneta
2011Organic Pollution in Surface Waters from the Fuglebekken Basin in Svalbard, Norwegian ArcticPolkowska, Żaneta; Cichała-Kamrowska, Katarzyna; Ruman, Marek; Kozioł, Krystyna; Krawczyk, Wiesława; Namieśnik, Jacek
2019Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) as an indicator of surface water quality in the vicinity of the Polish Polar Station, HorsundPawlak, Filip; Kozioł, Krystyna; Ruman, Marek; Polkowska, Żaneta
2012Pollutants present in different components of the Svalbard archipelago environmentRuman, Marek; Kozak, Katarzyna; Lehmann, Sara; Kozioł, Krystyna; Polkowska, Żaneta
2017Processes and the resulting water quality in the medium-size Turawa storage reservoir after 60-year usageRuman, Marek; Polkowska, Żaneta; Zygmunt, Bogdan
2014Release and transport of toxic, mobile organic compounds (Formaldehyde and Phenols) on an Arctic GlacierKozioł, Krystyna; Ruman, Marek; Kozak, Katarzyna; Polkowska, Żaneta
2017Selected anionic and cationic surface active agents : case study on the Kłodnica sedimentsOlkowska, Ewa; Ruman, Marek; Drąg-Śmigalska, Magdalena; Polkowska, Żaneta