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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A mechanism of compactificationMańka, Ryszard; Sładkowski, Jan
2021Dispersion of pressure at the inner edge of the neutron star crustBednarek, Ilona; Olchawa, Wiesław; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
2015Do transitive preferences always result in indifferent divisions?Makowski, Marcin; Piotrowski, Edward W.; Sładkowski, Jan
1989Dynamical symmetry breaking in superstring scenarioSładkowski, Jan; Mańka, Ryszard
2013Enhancing Pseudo-Telepathy in the Magic Square GamePawela, Łukasz; Gawron, Piotr; Puchała, Zbigniew; Sładkowski, Jan
2009Exotic smoothness and astrophysicsSładkowski, Jan
1996Exotic smoothness and particle physicsSładkowski, Jan
1999Exotic smoothness on spacetime new developmentsSładkowski, Jan
2020Forms of the symmetry energy relevant to neutron starsBednarek, Ilona; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
2019Modification of the Symmetry Energy by StrangenessBednarek, Ilona; Sładkowski, Jan; Syska, Jacek
1994Particle physics from the noncommutative geometry point of viewSładkowski, Jan
2015Payoffs and coherence of a quantum two-player game in a thermal environmentDajka, Jerzy; Łobejko, Marcin; Sładkowski, Jan
2020Preface to ”Selected Papers from 43rd InternationalConference of Theoretical Physics”Gluza, Janusz; Sładkowski, Jan; Dziewit, Bartosz; Bednarek, Ilona
2015Quantum two player game in thermal environmentDajka, Jerzy; Kłoda, Dawid; Łobejko, Marcin; Sładkowski, Jan
2001Quantum-like approach to financial risk : quantum anthropic principlePiotrowski, E.W.; Sładkowski, Jan
1999Spacetime structure and unification of fundamental interactionsSładkowski, Jan
1995The BRST analysis of the Stuckelberg formalismKogerles, R.; Sładkowski, Jan
1989The effective potential for the SU(5)timesU(1) model. IMańka, Ryszard; Sładkowski, Jan; Kornakiewicz, A.
2001The thermodynamics of portfoliosPiotrowski, E. W; Sładkowski, Jan