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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990A mechanism of compactificationMańka, Ryszard; Sładkowski, Jan
2015Do transitive preferences always result in indifferent divisions?Makowski, Marcin; Piotrowski, Edward W.; Sładkowski, Jan
1989Dynamical symmetry breaking in superstring scenarioSładkowski, Jan; Mańka, Ryszard
2013Enhancing Pseudo-Telepathy in the Magic Square GamePawela, Łukasz; Gawron, Piotr; Puchała, Zbigniew; Sładkowski, Jan
2009Exotic smoothness and astrophysicsSładkowski, Jan
1996Exotic smoothness and particle physicsSładkowski, Jan
1999Exotic smoothness on spacetime new developmentsSładkowski, Jan
1994Particle physics from the noncommutative geometry point of viewSładkowski, Jan
2015Payoffs and coherence of a quantum two-player game in a thermal environmentDajka, Jerzy; Łobejko, Marcin; Sładkowski, Jan
2015Quantum two player game in thermal environmentDajka, Jerzy; Kłoda, Dawid; Łobejko, Marcin; Sładkowski, Jan
2001Quantum-like approach to financial risk : quantum anthropic principlePiotrowski, E.W.; Sładkowski, Jan
1999Spacetime structure and unification of fundamental interactionsSładkowski, Jan
1995The BRST analysis of the Stuckelberg formalismKogerles, R.; Sładkowski, Jan
1989The effective potential for the SU(5)timesU(1) model. IMańka, Ryszard; Sładkowski, Jan; Kornakiewicz, A.
2001The thermodynamics of portfoliosPiotrowski, E. W; Sładkowski, Jan