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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A preliminary study on infrared thermal imaging of cross-country skiers and swimmers subjected to endurance exerciseDrzazga, Zofia; Binek, Mariusz; Pokora, Ilona; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa
2021Blood serum denaturation profile examined by differential scanning calorimetry reflects the effort put into ultramarathon by amateur long-distance runnersMichnik, Anna; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa; Kiełboń, Agnieszka; Duch, Klaudia; Bańkowski, Sebastian
2017Blood serum DSC analysis of well-trained men response to CrossFit training and green tea extract supplementationMichnik, Anna; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa; Domaszewski, Przemysław; Duch, Klaudia; Pokora, Ilona
2014Calorimetric monitoring of the effect of endurance training and testosterone treatment on rat serum denaturation transitionMichnik, Anna; Drzazga, Zofia; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa; Kłapcińska, Barbara
2013DSC serum profiles of sportsmenMichnik, Anna; Drzazga, Zofia; Poprzęcki, Stanisław; Czuba, Miłosz; Kempa, Katarzyna; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa
2021The effect of medium-term sauna-based heat acclimation (MPHA) on thermophysiological and plasma volume responses to exercise performed under temperate conditionsin elite cross-country skiersPokora, Ilona; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa; Wolowski, Łukasz; Wyderka, Piotr; Michnik, Anna; Drzazga, Zofia
29-Aug-2019Whole-body cryostimulation impact on blood serum thermal denaturation profiles of cross-country skiersDuch, Klaudia; Michnik, Anna; Pokora, Ilona; Sadowska-Krępa, Ewa; Kiełboń, Agnieszka