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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Catalytic gas-phase glycerol processing over SiO2-, Cu-, Ni-and Fe-supported Au nanoparticlesKapkowski, Maciej; Siudyga, Tomasz; Sitko, Rafał; Lelątko, Józef; Szade, Jacek; Balin, Katarzyna; Klimontko, Joanna; Bartczak, Piotr; Polański, Jarosław
2015Ni-Supported Pd Nanoparticles with Ca Promoter : A New Catalyst for Low-Temperature Ammonia CrackingPolański, Jarosław; Bartczak, Piotr; Ambrożkiewicz, Weronika; Sitko, Rafał; Siudyga, Tomasz; Mianowski, Andrzej; Szade, Jacek; Balin, Katarzyna; Lelątko, Józef
2018Szarawara–Kozik’s temperature criterion in the context of three-parameter equation for modeling ammonia or methanol decomposition during heterogenous catalysisMianowski, Andrzej; Siudyga, Tomasz; Polański, Jarosław