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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Age and origin of fluorapatite-rich dyke from Baranec Mt. (Tatra Mts., Western Carpathians) : a key to understanding of the post-orogenic processes and element mobilityGawęda, Aleksandra; Szopa, Krzysztof; Chew, David; Klotzli, Urs; Muller, Axel; Sikorska, Magdalena; Pyka, Paulina
2020Ancylite-(Ce) from quartz-calcite-chlorite veins in phyllite of the Opava Mountains (SW Poland)Janeczek, Janusz; Szopa, Krzysztof; Fabiańska, Monika
2021Central European Variscan Basement in the Outer Carpathians: A Case Study from the Magura Nappe, Outer Western Carpathians, PolandGawęda, Aleksandra; Szopa, Krzysztof; Golonka, Jan; Chew, David; Waśkowska, Anna
2022Chemical Diversity of Teeth and Bone Fragments from a Newly Discovered Upper Muschelkalk Bone Bed from Silesia, PolandKrzykawski, Tomasz; Szopa, Krzysztof; Niedźwiedzki, Robert; Setkiewicz, Krzysztof; Czaja, Maria
2019Continuous magma mixing and cumulate separation in the High Tatra Mountains open system granitoid intrusion, Western Carpathians (Poland/Slovakia) : a textural and geochemical studyGawęda, Aleksandra; Szopa, Krzysztof; Włodyka, Roman; Burda, Jolanta; Crowley, Quentin; Sikorska, Magdalena
2014Cu-Zn slags from Roros (Norway): a case study of rapid cooling and crystal nucleationWarchulski, Rafał; Szopa, Krzysztof
2021EMPA, XRD, and Raman characterization of Ag-Bearing Djurleite from the Lubin mine, Lower Silesia, PolandSzopa, Krzysztof; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Banasik, Kamila; Król, Piotr; Skreczko, Sylwia; Andriopoulou Mounteanou, Stefania; Koziarska, Marta
2016Episodic construction of the Tatra granitoid intrusion (Central Western Carpathians, Poland/Slovakia) : consequences for the geodynamics of Variscan collision and Rheic Ocean closureGawęda, Aleksandra; Burda, Jolanta; Klotzli, Urs; Golonka, Jan; Szopa, Krzysztof
2017Fragmenty kopalnego meteorytu z Lechówki: charakterystyka mineralogiczna i geochemicznaSzopa, Krzysztof; Karwowski, Łukasz; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Brachaniec, Tomasz
2018Jak odróżnić oryginał od fałszywek : kopalny meteoryt z LechówkiSzopa, Krzysztof; Karwowski, Łukasz; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Brachaniec, Tomasz
2014LA-ICP-MS U-Pb apatite dating of Lower Cretaceous rocks from teschenite-picrite association in the Silesian Unit (southern Poland)Szopa, Krzysztof; Włodyka, Roman; Chew, David
2014LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating and REE patterns of apatite from the Tatra Mountains, Poland as a monitor of the regional tectonomagmatic activityGawęda, Aleksandra; Szopa, Krzysztof; Chew, David
2012Mechanism of rhabdophane-(La) and lanthanite-(La) formation during reduction of bioavailabe nutrients in water based on sem and XRD studySzopa, Krzysztof; Banasik, Kamila; Krzykawski, Tomasz
2013Megacrysts of kyanite from Baranec Mt., Western Tatra Mountains, SlovakiaPyka, Paulina; Szopa, Krzysztof; Gawęda, Aleksandra
2016Morphological diversity of microstructures occurring in selected recent bivalve shells and their ecological implicationsBrom, Krzysztof Roman; Szopa, Krzysztof
2020Multi-Tool (LA-ICPMS, EMPA and XRD) Investigation on Heavy Minerals from Selected Holocene Peat-Bog Deposits from the Upper Vistula River Valley, PolandSzopa, Krzysztof; Skreczko, Sylwia; Chew, David; Krzykawski, Tomasz; Szymczyk, Artur
2019Neoproterozoic crystalline exotic clasts in the Polish Outer Carpathian flysch: remnants of the Proto‑Carpathian continent?Gawęda, Aleksandra; Golonka, J.; Waśkowska, A.; Szopa, Krzysztof; Chew, D.; Starzec, K.; Wieczorek, Anna
2016New moldavites from SW PolandBrachaniec, Tomasz; Szopa, Krzysztof; Karwowski, Łukasz
2014Petrogenesis of kyanite-quartz segregations in mica schists of the Western Tatra Mountains (Slovakia)Pyka, Paulina; Gawęda, Aleksandra; Szopa, Krzysztof; Muller, Axel; Sikorska, Magdalena
2014Phase composition of Katowice - Wełnowiec pytometallurgical slags: preliminary SEM studyWarchulski, Rafał; Szopa, Krzysztof