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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Characterisation and fundamental insight into the formation of new solid state, multicomponent systems of propranololBialek, Klaudia; Wojnarowska, Żaneta; Twamley, Brendan; Tajber, Lidia
2020Enhancement of the Physical Stability of Amorphous Sildenafil in a Binary Mixture, with either a Plasticizing or Antiplasticizing CompoundKnapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Pacułt, Justyna; Bialek, Klaudia; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2021Formation of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric ionic liquid and cocrystal multicomponent phases of lidocaine with azelaic acid by changing counterion ratiosZotova, Julija; Wojnarowska, Żaneta; Twamley, Brendan; Tajber, Lidia
2021High-Pressure Dielectric Studies—a Way to Experimentally Determine the Solubility of a Drug in the Polymer Matrix at Low TemperaturesChmiel, Krzysztof; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Kamińska, Ewa; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2022Inhibition of celecoxib crystallization by mesoporous silica - molecular dynamics studies leading to the discovery of the stabilization originKramarczyk, Danel; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Smolka, Wojciech; Monteneiro, Maria Ferreira; Tajber, Lidia; Paluch, Marian
2021Submerged Eutectic-assisted, solvent-free mechanochemical formation of a propranolol salt and its other multicomponent solidsBiałek, Klaudia; Wojnarowska, Żaneta; Skotnicki, Marcin; Twamley, Brendan; Paluch, Marian; Tajber, Lidia