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Tytuł: Edukacja międzykulturowa - bilans otwarcia 2012
Autor: Lewowicki, Tadeusz
Słowa kluczowe: podstawy aksjologiczne; edukacja wielokulturowa; wielokulturowość; edukacja międzykulturowa; tożsamość; bilans i przesłania edukacji międzykulturowej
Data wydania: 2012
Źródło: "Edukacja Międzykulturowa" (2012), nr 1, s. 15-46
Abstrakt: The article is a kind of balance of achievements and problems of intercultural education. It constitutes an attempt at presenting both a typology of the varieties of multiculturalism and some examples of multiculturalism in different parts of the world. This becomes a background for the outline of the history of multicultural education – its aims, applied models, and effects. What is introduced as a suggestion for overcoming the weaknesses of multicultural education is intercultural education. A new tendency in the life of contemporary societies, which the article refers to, is the multidimensional approach to human identity. In the environment of globalization, European integration, democracy and respect for human rights, the possibility to choose one’s own identity is of crucial significance. The above mentioned issues, along with other things touched upon in the text, determine the important tasks of intercultural education.
ISSN: 2299-4106
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