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Title: Dodatki do paliw na bazie produktów acetalizacji polialkoholi na nanokatalitycznym Re domieszkowanym Os, Mo, Ru i Ir
Authors: Popiel-Zielecki, Judyta
Advisor: Polański, Jarosław
Keywords: dodatki do paliw; acetalizacja; polialkohole; nanokatalizatory na krzemionce
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The synthesis of acetals can be carried out in many ways, particularly from carbonyl compounds and (poly)alcohols, from vinyl ethers, in the reaction of phenols with allyl ethers or other reactions. Acetals are used as pharmaceuticals, fragrance additives for cosmetics, food and biofuels, especially biodiesel. The study aimed to develop new procedures for synthesizing cyclic acetals from alcohols and carbonyl compounds using nanocatalysts of Re doped with Os, Mo, Ru and Ir and test the obtained library of compounds as potential fuel additives according to the concept of green chemistry and environmental protection. The investigations optimized the Re/SiO₂ system as an economic catalyst for transforming polyols into acetals under mild solvent-free conditions. During the research, the basic physicochemical parameters of synthetic acetals were determined, such as density, viscosity, isentropic compressibility, isobaric thermal expansion, cetane number and other parameters typically used in the characteristics of fuel compositions.
Description: Pełne teksty dołączonych do pracy publikacji autorki, wg załączonej listy na s. 7, dostępne są lokalnie w sieci bibliotek Uniwersytetu Śląskiego:
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