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Title: O potrzebie perspektywy multimedialnej w badaniach stylistycznych
Authors: Witosz, Bożena
Keywords: multimedia stylistics; the theory of text; style in the media; discourse in the media; media genres
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: M. Kita, M. Ślawska (red.), "Transdyscyplinarność badań nad komunikacją medialną. T. 1, Stan wiedzy i postulaty badawcze" (S. 154-166). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: civilization- cultural changes to which the language of a methodology of textual criticism has to “tune” into is what significantly influences the understanding of the text nature and distinguishing its specifications. The tool that would allow for interpreting what is old and what is new in terms of stylistics in today’s systems of communication, especially the messages taken over indirectly and differently by the media, is the category of style. Thus, the author suggests creating a multimedia stylistics, characterized as the one that (1) introduces cultural text) ascribing a given rank to it, also in typological procedures, (2) is interested in polysemiotic and polymedia structures (also polymodal ones), separating those whose multi-media nature is immanent from those in which a combination of expression forms is pragmatically conditioned, (3) in a research procedure concentrates on a description of the way of co-occurrence and degree of co-dependence of the components belonging to various codes and means of expression, (4) pays attention to structures easily adaptative to various media in order to capture a style-creating potential of a transmitter, (5) researches all aspects of a style (formal, semantic, pragmatic and cultural ones) in relation to the medium of expression), (6) contrasts stylistics of mono and polysemiotic , as well as mono and polymedia transmissions, ingraining the latter in a tradition of theoretical reflection and cultural context, (7) defines the place and role as well as valorization of polymedia transmissions and their category in the culture. According to the author, the advantages of inscribing a new stylistics into the domain of humanistic studies lie in the fact that it creates a level of reflection on the existence and up-to-dateness of common cultural categories in the media, a way of structure, functionalisation and reception of polysemiotic and multimedia transmission.
ISBN: 9788322620670
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