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Title: Synthesis, structure and cytotoxic activity of mono- and dialkoxy derivatives of 5,8-quinolinedione
Authors: Kadela, Monika
Jastrzębska, Maria
Bębenek, Ewa
Chrobak, Elwira
Latocha, Małgorzata
Kusz, Joachim
Książek, Maria
Boryczka, Stanisław
Keywords: Alkoxy-5,8-quinolinedione; Crystal structure; Cytotoxic activity
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Molecules, 2016, iss. 2, art. no 156
Abstract: A series of 5,8-quinolinedione derivatives containing one or two alkoxy groups was synthesized and characterized by 1H- and 13C-NMR, IR and MS spectra. X-ray diffraction was used to investigate the crystal structures of 6-chloro-7-(2-cyjanoethoxy)-5,8-quinolinedione and 6,7-di(2,2,2-trifloroethoxy)-5,8-quinolinedione. All studied compounds were tested in vitro for their antiproliferative activity against three human cancer cell lines and human normal fibroblasts. Most of the compounds showed higher cytotoxicity than the starting compound, 6,7-dichloro-5,8-quinolinedione, and cisplatin, which was used as a reference agent.
DOI: 10.3390/molecules21020156
ISSN: 1420-3049
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