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Title: Interactions of amino acids with aluminum octacarboxyphthalocyanine hydroxide. Experimental and DFT studies
Authors: Kliber-Jasik, Marta
Broda, Małgorzata A.
Maroń, Anna
Nackiewicz, Joanna
Keywords: amino acids; aluminum octacarboxyphthalocyanine hydroxide; DFT
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Journal of Molecular Modeling, Vol. 23, iss. 2 (2017), art. 51, s. 1-10
Abstract: The influence of albumin and amino acids (l-serine, glycine, l-histidine, l-tryptophan, l-cysteine) on the properties of aluminum octacarboxyphthalocyanine hydroxide (Al(OH)PcOC) was investigated in a phosphate buffer (pH 8.0). Particular attention was paid to the spectroscopic properties and photostability of Al(OH)PcOC. The effect of albumin or amino acids on the photodegradation of Al(OH)PcOC was examined in water using red light: 685 nm and daylight irradiation. Analysis of kinetic curves indicated that interaction with those molecules increases the photostability of Al(OH)PcOC. The molecular structure of Al(OH)PcOC complexes (in vacuum and in water) with axially or equatorially coordinated amino acids was studied by the B3LYP/6-31G* method, and the effects on molecular structure and electronic absorption spectrum were investigated on the basis of the density functional theory. The calculation results revealed that axial coordination significantly reduces the non-planarity of the phthalocyanine ring, and, thus, alters the electronic structure. On the other hand, hydrogen bonding of phthalocyanine side COOH groups with amino acids, in equatorial complexes, does not change the structure within the center of the phthalocyanine, and causes only a slight increase in UV–vis bands intensity, which is in perfect agreement with experimental data. [Figure not available: see fulltext.]
DOI: 10.1007/s00894-017-3222-2
ISSN: 1610-2940
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