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Title: Genetic algorithm as self-test path and circular self-test path design method
Authors: Chodacki, Miłosław
Keywords: Built-in self-test; Self-test path; Digital testing; Genetic algorithm
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Vietnam Journal of Computer Science, Vol. 5 (2018), s. 263-278
Abstract: The paper presents the use of Genetic Algorithm to search for non-linear Autonomous Test Structures (ATS) in Built-In Testing approach. Such structures can include essentially STP and CSTP and their modifications. Non-linear structures are more difficult to analyze than the widely used structures such as independent Test Pattern Generator and the Test Response Compactor realized by Linear Feedback Shift Registers. To reduce time-consuming test simulation of sequential circuit, it was used an approach based on the stochastic model of pseudo-random testing. The use of stochastic model significantly affects the time effectiveness of the search for evolutionary autonomous structures. In test simulation procedure, the block of sequential circuit memory is not disconnected. This approach does not require a special selection of memory registers such as BILBOs. A series of studies to test circuits set ISCAS’89 are made. The results of the study are very promising.
DOI: 10.1007/s40595-018-0121-0
ISSN: 2196-8896
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