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Title: Nowa relacyjność. Materializm elementarny w filozofii Luce Irigaray
Authors: Szopa, Katarzyna
Keywords: new materialism; feminist philosophy; relationality; elemental materialism
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: O. Cielemęcka, M. Rogowska-Stangret (red.), “Feministyczne nowe materializmy: usytuowane kartografie” (S. 109-128). Lublin
Abstract: The article discusses Luce Irigaray’s philosophy from a new materialist angle, using anti-generational and anti-classification methods of narrating feminist theories. Such a perspective enables to see Irigaray’s thought in a different light, without reducing its assumptions to the second-wave feminist perspective, nor to post-structuralist and psychoanalytic paradigms. In her entire work, Irigaray accentuates the fact that within traditional philosophy materiality has been constantly neglected, and such a process entailed neglecting sexual difference. Therefore, she stresses the importance of restoring and cultivating sexuate difference understood as a crucial aspect of human and non-human relational identity. In this regard, Irigaray’s philosophy is not only related to new materialist assumptions, but also presents a new form of materialism by accentuating the necessity of relational coexistence in difference(s).
ISBN: 978-83-941018-7-9
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