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Title: Mandelsztam Stanisława Barańczaka
Authors: Pawelec, Dariusz
Keywords: Stanisław Barańczak; Osip Mandelsztam; Translacja; Winterreise
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje
Citation: A. Jarzyna, Z. Kopeć (red.), "Obraz Rosji w literaturze polskiej XX wieku" (s. 127-139). Poznań : Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje
Abstract: This sketch shows the influence of a poetry of Osip Mandelsztam, especially his late poems, on works of Stanisław Barańczak. Barańczak was translating Mandelsztam’s poems in the second half of the sixties of the twentieth century. He is also an author of articles regarding Mandelsztams’ life and poetry. During translation Barańczak had the opportunity to meet not only poems that refers to the tragic biography of the poet but also the new poetic imagination. The autor of this sketch shows that the metaphor and topics seen during translations came into Barańczak’s own poems. Author shows also, that Barańczak was inspired by Mandelsztam’s prosody effects, especially with instrumentation and paronomasia etc. The article concludes that the creation of polish reality in the Barańczak`s poetry appears, partly, image of Russia read from Mandelsztam`s late poems.
ISBN: 978-83-63795-98-6
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